About Our Spa

Having personally suffered from chronic illness’, we took it upon ourselves to seek a more productive, holistic and natural approach to for our personal healing journey.  That’s when we found the healing benefits of “salt therapy”. Having giving it a try and incorporating regular session into our wellness program, we finally found relief for our aliments.  Since experiencing all the positive benefits of “Salt Therapy”, aka “Halotherapy”, we decided that the residence of Harford County, Md should also have access to same amazing healing benefits that we had.

Along with Himalayan Salt Therapy, the spa also provides a wide range of alternative and natural wellness services to their community, such as ION Foot Detox, Massage Chairs, Facials, Sauna Therapy, just to name a few. The wellness spa extends their services to all North Eastern, Maryland.

We know that a “Salt Spa” is unlike any other spa.  It is a blend of natural salt therapies and modern spa amenities; where wellness and health meet pure relaxation.  That’s why we are happy to share with you what we already know. 


Serenity Salt Spa

2216 Commerce Rd #4

Forest Hill, MD 21050