Medical Massage Chair

Serenity Salt Spa offers their clients a service for full-body relaxation and pain relief with the option to choose your “perfect” massage.  Having the option to customize your massage experience allows those that suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, stiff joints, or poor circulation to receive the most from their session.

20 Minutes $10.00

20 Minute Couples Session $20.00

Zero Gravity Sleep System

Once you become positioned in zero-gravity by the inflatable air bags, the massage chair will assist you in finding the optimal position for your maximum comfort. Then, it performs a soothing, therapeutic massage to help you drift off to sleep. It's so relaxing that it's never been easier to fall asleep in a massage chair.

Full Body Stretch

Stretching daily is an important part of good health. Daily stretching can improve energy and balance, relieve pain, and prevent future injury. The massage chair offers Full Body Stretch functions that holds your hips and shoulders in place while your legs are pulled down and your back is stretched.

Head to Toe Back Massage System

Medically, the most important side of the body to massage is the back.   Getting a massage from head to toe will make you feel hundreds of times better when your body is given the attention it needs.

Massage chairs with girls.jpg

Engulfed Arm Massage System

Not only will your back be reaping the benefits, every inch of your arms, hands, fingers, and finger tips will too, from top to bottom, underneath and sideways, all at the same time. Even a real masseuse cannot do all these things at once!

Smart Full Body Scan

Having a full body scan before your massage starts, will detect every part of your body, and deliver a targeted, soothing massage.

True 4D Deep Tissue Massage System

This means it performs extreme deep tissue massages along your back, around your neck, and in the shape of your spine. The specially designed massage rollers protrude deep into your neck, back, and lower back to ensure that your whole body can enjoy the healing potential of a massage.  


A session in the Massage Chair is so effective, you will feel like a brand-new person after the most stubborn stiffness is massaged away. Schedule your massage chair appointment today and start reaping the health benefits.