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Spa Rules, Etiquette & Courtesies 

  • Appointments required for all services. Walk-ins can be provided with services if we have availability.

  • ALL Adult salt room sessions begin promptly on the top of each hour. Should you arrive after your scheduled session time there is no guarantee that you will be able to attend your scheduled session. You will have the option to either reschedule your appointment or wait until the next scheduled session (only if spots are available).  Staff are not permitted to grant you access if you arrive late.

  • Walk-ins MUST wait until the next scheduled appointment. I.e. if you arrive at 12:18 pm you must wait until the 1:00 pm scheduled salt room session.  There are absolutely NO exceptions.

  • Please wait for Serenity Salt Spa Staff to allow you to enter the salt rooms.

  • While in the Spa, voices must be kept at a low tolerable level, out of respect to other Clients currently in sessions.

  • Clients are not permitted to take any electronics devices into the Salt Rooms whatsoever; such as, cellphones, laptops, iPads, watches, etc.  Along with but not limited to purses, shoes and food.  If caught trying to sneak these items in you will be asked to place them in a secured locker, if refused, you will be asked to leave & forfeit any money paid.  

  • No outside food or beverages allowed in the Spa at any time; including but not limited water bottles, sodas, coffees, etc.  No outside alcoholic allowed in the Spa at any time

  • ALL children must be supervised at all times while visiting the Spa; there are no other options. This includes bathroom visits as well.

  • There is to be NO TOUCHING of any of the salt decorations throughout the spa, including in the salt rooms (such as; salt bricks, boulders, etc.) There is to be NO horse play while in the salt room(s), such as; laying on the floors and disrupting the floor salt, moving of the chairs, touching music devised, etc. Should any of these become a problem you will be asked to leave and forfeit your session cost.

  • For the Kids salt room, there is to be ABSOLUTELY NO TOUCHING of the generator inside the room, no horse play or rough housing and NO throwing of salt, toys, etc.  Should we hear loud noises coming from the salt room, we will interrupt your session to see what is going on, if ANY of the above rules have been broken you will be asked to leave your session and forfeit any monies paid.

  • For faster service, when booking online, please register for an account.


Cancellation / Refund Policy


  • All facial cancelations have to be given by phone. This ensures a time line is kept beyond dispute. 

For Clients with coupons or vouchers will forfeit the full value of their coupon/voucher up to the value of the full fee for their scheduled services (Facials and salt room sessions).


Facials & Spa Services

  • It is mandatory that a credit card be on file in order to schedule a spa service of any kind.

  • We understand that emergencies happen and want to be of service. It is really important to be respectful of our Therapists valuable time, and to ensure that prospective clients are able to schedule in advance. Please note Our cancelation policy for all skin services is strictly 24hrs weekdays & 48hrs weekends. Failure to cancel early will result in the full-service charge being levied to your credit card on file.

  • Full payment of service is required if a client is making an appointment for more than one person.


This policy is to ensure that our staff are given adequate time to find a replacement for your time slot being canceled and to be courteous to other clients who may be on a waiting list. 

Workshops, Classes, Parties & Private Events

  • Payment is expected in full prior to attendance of any workshop or class. 

  • Discounts may not be added together and coupons may not be used for multiple visits.

  • Serenity Salt Spa reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any class, workshop or event at any time.

  • A NON-REFUNDABLE Payment is required in full at the time of booking. No spots will be
    reserved without full payment – NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Registration cancelation will only be accepted via email at

  • An account credit will be given for the full amount of registration as long as it is canceled 48 hours prior to the start of the Workshop/Class/Event

  • No refund whatsoever will be given for any cancellation, however a credit will be given in the amount paid to use towards spa services.

Why are there Cameras in the Spa?

As many sessions are public, we felt it our obligation that prevention is better than cure.

Cameras deter bad behavior, and we are of the opinion that cameras are in the best interest of our client’s safety.

All cameras are covered when private, class, and workshop sessions are held and the voice recording is switched to off.