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Reiki Treatment

Massage Therapy & Body Work 

"Massage Therapy & Energy Healing Sessions at Serenity Salt Spa are great ways to improve your health, both physically and spiritually" 

Whether you are looking for full-body relaxation, targeted pain relief, or something in between, our experienced and compassionate massage therapists provide a customized experience ensuring that you get the care you want and deserve.

Serenity's Signature Customized Massage

A fully tailored massage, just as your body ordered


Our Signature Massage incorporates a variety of modalities and massage techniques, like deep tissue and Swedish ensuring the best individualized treatment for each client, allowing both you and your therapist

to discover your preferred modality and what your body needs.  "For best results, consult with your

therapist at the beginning of your treatment"



30-mins | $ 59.         60 mins | $ 89.            90 mins | $ 125   

Himalayan Hot Stone Massage 

The Himalayan Hot Stone massage is very beneficial for the mind and body, as it provides a deep sense of relaxation, gentle skin exfoliation, soothes muscles and joints, improves sleep and circulation, and can reduce the signs of aging.  The reason Himalayan Salt Stone massages feel so rejuvenating is that the stones contain 84 natural minerals that generate positive health effects.


60-mins | $ 119    |    90-mins | $ 139


Head to Toe Healing Massage

For those suffering from sinus and tension headaches, jaw, neck, and shoulder pain, and aches and pains of the feet. Also, for those seeking the healing benefits of reflexology. The session includes sinus pressure and drainage massage, headache relief massage, foot reflexology, and a choice of essential oils. Based on your body's needs and available time, we will work together to address target areas in other regions of the body.

Add-on | CBD Oil | $10


 90-mins | $ 149

Pregnancy Massage  

Prenatal massage uses techniques designed specifically to address pregnancy’s challenges.

Pregnancy massage can help to relieve aches in your back and neck, improve circulation, and address leg cramps.  Massages can also encourage relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress allowing for fewer aches and pains providing "moms to be" a better night’s sleep. 

LEARN MORE about the benefits of a Pregnancy Massage

60-mins | $ 99    |    90-mins | $ 139

Back Pain Relief Massage

This customized massage focuses on all regions of the back that are and could be causing you pain, tension, or restriction with movement. We will address potential contributing factors to your back pain such as chest muscles for mid to upper back pain, abdominals for mid back, and hip flexors for low back pain. Based on your body's needs and available time, we will work together to address target areas in other regions of the body. 

ADD ON | CBD Oil | $10 pain-relieving CBD oil for an additional $10.


60-mins | $ 99    |    90-mins | $ 139

Headache Relief  Massage  

By focusing on the neck, shoulders, and head, massage can decrease the pain and discomfort brought on by migraine or tension headaches. This treatment uses targeted massage techniques to help relieve migraine, sinus, and tension headaches. Sessions 90 minutes or longer will address areas of muscle and connective tissue pain and restriction or focus on modalities increasing relaxation, and circulation--based on your needs.


60-mins | $ 89    |    90-mins | $ 125

TMJ Relief  Massage

TMJ Massage with Myofascial release techniques focuses on pain relief by more efficiently addressing the connective tissue (fascia) that surrounds each muscle and muscle fiber.  Slow, steady pressure is used along with sustained stretching to gently soften those tight muscles and the surrounding fascia.  Helping to release clenched jaws and locked up muscles in the face.  Face, scalp, neck, and shoulder massage included.



60-mins | $ 89    |    90-mins | $ 125

Sinus Pressure and Drainage Massage

If you are suffering from sinus pressure massaging your sinuses may help to alleviate some of your irritation and relieve pressure. A sinus massage supports the opening of the sinuses, decreasing congestion and increasing drainage. Working directly on pressure points can help relieve your blocked feeling and sinus headaches. We will also address areas of muscle and connective tissue pain and restriction or focus on modalities increasing relaxation, stress reduction, and circulation.


60-mins | $ 89    |    90-mins | $ 125

Bodywork Add-Ons   -    Bio-Mat  -  $ 20  |   Foot Detox  -  $ 30


"Energy Healing Masssage


This massage combines the techniques of energy flow, meridian massage, and acupressure with slow strokes and direct pressure to deep muscle tissue. If you’re someone who exercises intensely, or really enjoys more intense pressure to relax, renew, and restore your muscles to peak performance, this intense massage totally unwinds you.


60-mins | $ 109    |    90-mins | $ 149

Couples Massage in the Salt Room


Imagine getting an amazing couples massage in our tranquil salt therapy room while simultaneously receiving the amazing benefits of halotherapy. Since more skin will be exposed during your massage, you will be able to increase the benefits of the halotherapy.


This is a very special service that should not be missed!

To schedule a couples massage, call the spa at 443-640-6020


60-mins | $ 225

Remain Stress-Free and Stay Healthy All Year Long with a Serenity Salt Spa Massage Membership

Looking for a self-care routine you’ll enjoy and actually stick to? 

Serenity Salt Spas Massage Wellness Membership Program is designed with you in mind. It’s a totally stress free way to get pain relief and relaxation.  Start your path to personal wellness today with routine therapeutic massage.

Customized Massage  -  (1) 60-minute  |  $ 79.00   -   (1) 90-minute  |  $ 119.00

 Energy Healing Massage  -  (1) 60 minute  |  $ 95.00  -   (1) 90 minutes | $ 135.00

Benefits of Salt Room Massage

Healthier Skin  This may be the most well-known of all the salt cave massage therapy benefits. Himalayan salt has upwards of 84 minerals that can be absorbed through the skin, so you're actually nourishing your body as you relax and breathe deeply. Though it might sound counterintuitive since most people would think sitting in a salt cave would dry out their skin, mineral salts actually do the opposite. Mineral salts help to attract moisture to your skin and alleviate dry skin. Combine that with the natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits of Himalayan salt and salt-room massage therapy could potentially help clear up issues like psoriasis and eczema.

High-Quality Relaxation  Stress and anxiety of a normal part of most days for people because of work, daily life events, and many other factors. Salt cave massage therapy experts say that spending just 45 minutes inside a salt cave can relieve the same amount of stress as a few days at a beach. This is because the negative ions in the air may help boost your mood and give you more energy. Some visitors find it helps them with issues such as insomnia, stress, and seasonal depression.

Cancellation Policy:  24-hour notice required when rescheduling or canceling all massage appointments.  Less than 24-hours will be charged 50% of your scheduled service.  Same day cancellations will be charged 100% (full-price) of scheduled service.

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