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Kids Salt Room

A Room Designed Just For Your Little Ones!

If your child suffers from allergies, respiratory infections, skin conditions, frequent ear infections, or colds, bring them in for a 30-minute session as part of their wellness routine.

Serenity Salt Spa offers a Salt Room dedicated to the well-being of our younger clients.  The Kids Salt Room is a playful environment, that offers the same healing benefits as our larger, Adult Salt Room.

The Kids Room accommodates children up to 12 years old.  Children must be 24 hrs. without fever or acute state of cough before entering the kid's room.

30 Minute Session  - $20.

50 Minute Session - $ 35.

(1 adult can join in the session)

The Kids Salt Room is an interactive and engaging space where pure Himalayan Salt covers the floor for your little ones to play, dig and build sandcastles, just like they were at the beach.  Should your little one want to leave the “beach”; you and your child can spend quality time together, just relaxing and reading a book.

Research has shown that adding regular Salt Therapy to current wellness programs, is a great way to help your child(ren) ease their symptoms related to chronic respiratory and skin conditions. For those that aren’t currently suffering; regular salt room therapy is a great way to boost their immune system for overall general wellness.

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Beach Day with Friends

Your child will be so excited to find out that they can bring their friends to their 50-minute "Beach Day".

This SPECIAL package allows for up to 4 people in your group; over 4 guests contact the Spa

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