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"Serenity Kids Club - Quality natural wellness at your fingertips"

Serenity Salt Spa welcomes children of all ages.

The Owners of Serenity Salt Spa know that holistic wellness is not only beneficial for Adults, 

we need to emphasize that children need to have access to the same services as their parents. Especially when they are living in the same stressful and toxic world as adults.


There are several benefits for bringing your child to Serenity Salt Spa.


  • It’s a place for wellness and healing that doesn’t include a doctor’s office.

  • Children can utilize most of the same services as their parents, which allows for less stress and much- needed “quality time” together.

  • The spa isn’t all about wellness, there’s an array of services that can make our younger clients feel better about themselves.

"We're more than a Spa, we're a lifestyle"

Salt Therapy for Kids

Every mother knows that children are prone to respiratory infections. Therefore, it is natural that every mother tries to protect her child from microbes and viruses. At Serenity Salt Spa, we offer a natural 100% drug-free solution based on long-term practice and clinical research. Halotherapy (salt therapy) strengthens and protects immuno-biological qualities of children’s respiratory system naturally, without side effects. Halotherapy is safe, effective.

Kids Salt Therapy

(Ages 3 months - 12 years)

30 minute session - $20.00                                50 minute session - $35.00

Package of 5 - $80.00             Package of 10 - $150.00

(1) parent included, Additional Guests $10.00

Mommy & Me Salt Sessions - $45.00

Enjoy reconnecting with your little ones, with a 50 minutes salt session. Mommy & Me

sessions allows up to 4 people per session, but not more than 2 adults

Bio Mat

Infrared Crystal Detox (Bio-Mat)


Beneficial for all ages, the BioMat uses far-infrared heat, negative ions, and crystals to reach into deep recesses of the body purging heavy metals, dissolving the acidic waste, and mobilizing it to eliminate. 


Parents who have had their children use the BioMat have reported the following positive behavioral changes:


Communicates more effectively, more focused and verbal, makes eye contact, follows instructions, more in tune with surroundings and observant, gained some independence/displays more age-appropriate behaviors, improved mood and positive attitude shifts – “be happy now!”, fewer temper tantrums and rages, calmer; less frustrated, less agitation (both during the day and at night while sleeping), improved appetite, more restful sleep.

Infrared Crystal Bio-Mat  |  Ages 5 - 17

Ages 5-12 Sessions 15 minutes - $15.00                    Ages 13-17 Sessions 30 minutes - $25.00

Infrared Crystal Bio-Mat Packages |  Ages 13-17  

Packages of 5 - $110.00               Package of 10 - $200.00

For special needs services, please visit the below websites

Bio-Mat and Autism                Bio-Mat for Cancer

ION Foot Detox

ION Foot Detox is a total body detoxification and relaxation system. It is the safest, most thorough way to cleanse and purify the body. The IonCleanse system is safe for children as young as two years old to use.


Change can be dramatic and life-changing for many children with Neuro-immune disorders, as a healthy body equates to a healthy mind. A healthy mind equates to motivation, positive behaviors, ability to learn, ability to focus, social skills, emotional stability, and productive behaviors.

ION Foot Detox
kid detox.jpg

ION Foot Detox

(Ages 5 - 17)

Ages 5-11 Sessions 15 minutes -  $20.00

Ages 12-17 Sessions 30 minutes - $30.00

Ages 12-17 Packages


Packages of 5 - $135.00

Package of 10 - $240.00

For special needs services, please visit the below websites

ION Foot Detox and Autism

AMD recommends: For special needs kids, cleansing 3 days in a row, taking 1 day off, and then repeating that schedule until there’s improvement in symptoms.  For optimal results, we recommend a steady course of maintenance sessions.

Mini's for Minors

Parents should treat their children to the same spa and wellness therapies they use for themselves because it’s all about making children feel good about themselves and allowing them to have a great experience.

Minis for Minors

Tween Facials

(Ages 9-12)

Pre-adolescent acne and skin problems us to be a teen issue, but in today’s society acne is on the rise for our younger generation.

Kids ages 9 and up are seeking help for their skin issues or looking to start a pre-adolescent maintenance program to address current problems or to minimize future skin problems and bring back the sweet, smooth baby skin.

Cost: $ 35.00

Teen Facials​

(Ages 13-17)

Teens skin often experiences inflamed hormonally charged breakouts.  Your Teen can get relief, with blemish reduction results with this natural treatment designed just for them.


Designed to address breakouts that are frequently associated with adolescent skin.  Deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation, visible extractions, a healing mask to help re-hydrate dry skin or eliminate oily particles.  Includes 15-minute blue light treatment.


Cost: $ 55.00

My Princess

(Ages 9-12)

Building confidence one Spa treatment at a time!

Mini Facial, Foot Soak & Scrub

Kids Salt Room Session - (30-minutes)

(1) Parent can attend the salt room session for free,

additional guests $10.00 each

Cost: $ 59.00


Look at my Young Lady

(Ages 13-17)

Building confidence one Spa treatment at a time!

Express Facial, Foot Soak & Scrub

Adult Salt Room Session - (45-minutes)

(1) Parent can attend the salt room session for free,

additional guests $10.00 each

Cost: $ 79.00


Kids/Family Memberships

The best part of the Kids/Family sessions is that everyone is getting salt therapy while having a great time together!

Parent & Child Monthly


Ages 13-17

1 each - 45 minute

Salt Therapy Sessions

1 Dual ION Foot Detox

Cost $85.00

Parent & Child Monthly


Ages 2-12

2 - 50 minute

Kids Salt Room Sessions

Sessions include 1 parent

(Additional guests $10.00)

Cost $75.00

Parent & Child Monthly


Ages 8-12

2 - 30 minute

Kids Salt Room Sessions

Sessions include 1 parent

1 Dual Ion Foot Detox

Cost $69.00


Mommy and Me Spa Day Packages at Serenity Salt Spa

Daddy's are welcome, too!

While relaxing at the spa can be a great solo break for a busy mom, it can also be a fun way to spend one-on-one time with your child. Serenity Salt Spa offers packages for moms and kids to take a break from the hustle and bustle and spend some quality time together and just relax.

Every Mother and Daughter deserves to be pampered equally.

This “Mini Girlfriend Getaway” will do the trick!

Spa Packages

Pamper Mommy and Me​

Ages 9-12

Spa Getaway Includes

Mini Facials

Therapeutic foot soak & scrub

Private 50 minute salt session,

in the "Beachy Salt Room"

Enjoy sparkling cider and delicious treats.

Package       $135.00

Pamper Mommy and Me​

Ages 13-17

Spa Getaway Includes

Express Facials

Therapeutic foot soak & scrub

(Choice of)

45 minute adult salt session or

Private 50-minute salt session

in the "Beachy Salt Room"

Enjoy sparkling cider and delicious treats.

Package       $149.00

Kids Facials for Kids Page.jpg

Let's Reconnect!​

This package is a great way to spend quality time togetherYour day of relaxation includes


Warm Detoxifying Foot Domes upon arrival Mini Facials, Dual ION Foot Detox Session with Foot Scrub

50 minute private Salt Session in the “Beachy” Salt Room.


Package $ 157.00

Kids Parties and More


At Serenity Salt Spa, we provide birthday parties and pampering your princess will remember for a life time.

Parties and More

Serenity Salt Spa Offers Spa Party Experiences For All Ages



What better way to celebrate your birthday than with spa pampering? At Serenity Salt Spa, we can provide a

birthday party you will never forget with pampering unlike any other.”.


Our Spa environment offers you and your friends, mini-facials, foot soaks and scrubs, rejuvenating

salt therapy sessions, hands-on events, and so much more.


It’s our number one goal to provide you with the best birthday ever – and one they’ll be talking about for years to come.

Look no further, Serenity Salt Spa knows how to make our younger clients feel special!

Young Clients Group Parties


There's no better way to celebrate your birthday than with a Spa Day at Serenity Salt Spa!


Pamper Us


You’ll enjoy being pampered as our Licensed Estheticians perform Mini Facials, a Botanical Foot Soak & Scrub, and a relaxing salt therapy session in the tranquility of the Himalayan Salt Room.


Ages 5-12                     Cost per child:   $ 40                  Ages 13 – 17                 Cost per child:   $ 50



Bond and Glow

(A Client's Favorite)

There’s no better way to bond than by giving your friends the GLOW they deserve.


The guest of honor and her friends will LOVE this bonding experience.  In this Esthetician-led event, the girls will learn the importance of great skincare and the proper techniques needed to perform at-home facials.

Their pampering begins with a glass of sparkling cider and cupcake while their feet reap the benefits of healing botanical waters and an all-natural foot scrub performed by a Salty Staff Member.  Their special day will conclude with a relaxing salt therapy session in the tranquil Himalayan Salt Room.


                             Ages 8 – 17       Cost per child:   $ 40                             

6 and 7 year old's - $ 35 pp  (Under 8 must have parent supervision during facials)

Hands-On and Make & Take Event


Salty Beach Party​


Who doesn’t love a beach party where each guest will make a “customized” body scrub using

all-natural products and relaxing on a Salty Beach?


This 2 1/2 hour event includes all products and a 30-minute relaxing Himalayan salt therapy session.


Ages 8-12         $ 30.00 pp                                             Ages 13-17        $ 40.00 pp 

Every party includes individual cupcakes, sparkling cider, a special gift bag and a decorated spa.

(Custom gift bags are available with an additional charge).


Saturday's 3pm and after - $25 per hour - Sunday's $35 per hour.

Events held during normal business hours may incur additional fees.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.  No exceptions.  Without a deposit, your requested day and time will not be blocked off.

72 hr. advance notice required for cancellations and/or rescheduling.  ($50 rescheduling fee applies to rescheduling all events)

48 hr. notice required when adding additional guests.  Gratuity is added to all group events

Gift Cards, credits, and/or discounts are not valid on group events.

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