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Skin Care

Serenity Salt Spa uses all organic and cruelty-free products

Serenity Salt Spa carries state-of-the-art equipment for advanced skincare and provides all the newest beauty trend services. Our services include skin care, such as hydration and oxygen facials, body scrubs and wraps, such as Bio-Slim Wrap, “clinical” face and body skin tightening, waxing, lash extensions, light rejuvenation, and much more.

Serenity Salt Spa provides a tranquil environment; where clients can experience total relaxation as our Expert Skin Care Therapists clean, exfoliate, massage, treat and moisturize your skin for that glow you’ve been missing with the condition.

We recommend that clients receive a professional facial once a month because skin cells turnover 28 days long and there’s a minimal treatment that you do at home can replace the attention a professional esthetician can provide; also, the condition of the skin is always changing with pollutants, lifestyle changes and the weather.

Signature Facials

Serenity Signature
50 mins | $80

30 mins | $55

Gentlemen's Classic
50 mins | $70

Acne Relief
60 mins | $85

Acne Express Treatment
30 mins | $55

Extraction Facial
30 mins | $30

Teen Facial
30 mins | $55

Tween Facial
 25 mins | $35

Hydration Facials

Refresh On-the-Go
30-min | $75

Hydra-Back Facial
50-min | $99

Deluxe - Radiance
45-min | $135

- "Luxurious age refinement"
-min | $185

Premium "Serenity Exclusive"
"The Works"
90-min | $275

Deluxe & Platinum Facials

Gemstone Gua Sha Facial
50-min | $90

Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial
50-min | $95

Osmosis Medi Facial
50 min | $100

Osmosis Medi-Facial Infusion
75 min | $130

Non-Invasive Skin Rejuvenation

Procell - Micro-Channeling
Prices Vary depending on treatment areas

Rezenerate - Micro-Needling
Facial - $ 95  |  Single Treatment $40

Ear Candling 
$30 min |  $40

Celluma LED  Treatment Add-on      $25

The Only FDA Approved Light Therapy Device for Anti-Aging, Skin Conditions, and Pain Management

See all the ways you can improve your skin with Serenity Salt Spa Skin Care Enhancements

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