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Wellness Services

Serenity Salt Spa is Harford County's #1 facility that provides all-natural and alternative services that can heal your mind, body, and spirit, providing residence optimal wellness.

You've made it this far, so now you're ready to escape to a place of tranquility, serenity, and well-being!

Whether you’re looking to relax in a medical massage chair that fully engulfs your body, detoxify with an ION foot detox session, decrease pain and inflammation by relaxing in the infrared crystal gemstone cocoon, accompanied with the benefits of magnetic and photon therapy, or let the spa specialist assist you in designing a personal wellness package that will accommodate your wellness needs.

Not only does Serenity Salt Spa provide Himalayan Salt Therapy for adults and kids of all ages, but they also provide wellness services, such as ION Foot Detox(s), Medical Massage Chairs, Oxygen Bar Therapy, Infrared Crystal Sauna Cocoon, Magnetic Therapy, Compression Therapy, and our “popular” Salt Therapy Bed.

Serenity Salt Spa’s mission is to relax your body, refresh your mind and recharge your energy.  Our services include professionalism, passion, and positivity.

Wellness-based services to compliment your spa day or be utilized individually to assist in a particular wellness need.

Serenity Salt Spa is the perfect place to spend some, Me Time

Follow the above link for all wellness services you're looking for.  (All services include relaxation and rejuvenation)

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